2-7a What Shall We Do with A Knocked Out Dragon?

Mycandrin has the idea that a vial of dragon blood might be a valuable (and/or useful) thing to have. He gets out one of his empty vials and sticks a dagger in the unconcious dragon. A few drops come out (-1 hp) but nothing he can collect.

Everyone looks around for something that might do the job better. 3 consecutive whiffs later, nobody has found anything. Frankly, with those die rolls, the party appears to be having a hard time finding its own ass with both hands.

Etecterian points out a location, and Drawoc shoves a dagger in. A trickle of blood emerges (-4 hp) and the dragon quivers, then goes still. Mycandrin adds one vial of copper wyrmling blood to his inventory.



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