2-8 Swamp Stones

135 XP per party member.

Retrieved The Serpent’s Eye (minor quest): + 20 XP

Linked Ronnik to Cult of Tiamat (minor quest): +20 XP

  • Drawoc: 1170 xp, 1 Action Point, 1 Failed Deathsave
  • Etcetarian: 977 xp, 0 Action Points
  • Hael: 1175 xp, 0 Action Point
  • Mycandrin: 1064 xp, 1 Action Point, 1 Failed Deathsave
  • Rondo the Magnificent: 1155 xp, 1 Action Point

Relations with Benwick: +3.5 Total now: +5.75 Those fine young adventurers are Restwell Keep’s brightest hope.

Party notoriety +2, Total now: +5

Party status upgraded to Hey, aren’t those the guys who brought Ferdinand Ronnik in?



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