3-12 Betrayal Revealed

  • Chiang: 586 xp
  • Ranger Dave: 382 xp
  • Drawoc: 1654 xp
  • Etcetarian: 1461 xp
  • Hael: 1559 xp
  • Mycandrin: 1568 xp
  • Rondo the Magnificent: 1468 xp

Party gains 200 Gold and Gauntlets of Blood (Level 4)

Relations with Benwick: -50 Total now: -44.25 Get rid of those pawns, they are of no further use.


Vanishing Blade gave me an extra 7 teleports during this encounter! Wow. Best Daily I have found for Swordmages. I had the boss enemy chasing me around the statue like a children’s game. Wheee!

3-12 Betrayal Revealed

yes you actually did something

3-12 Betrayal Revealed

Looking forward to today!!! FO SHO!

3-12 Betrayal Revealed

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