3-9 Hammers and Nails

All party members receive 135 XP. Rondo receives 5 XP Man of the Match bonus.

  • Drawoc: 1305 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Etcetarian: 1112 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Hael: 1310 xp, 0 Action Point
  • Mycandrin: 1199 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Rondo the Magnificent: 1295 xp, 1 Action Point

Please verify if the Action Point totals are correct.


Myc has used his action point. In a very cinematic fashion – I must say! Ultimately to no avail but I looked Fabulous doig it!

3-9 Hammers and Nails

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