Jordan Donneybrook

Proprietor of the Three Toed Toad


Human Fighter

Cashed out from his adventuring days and bought the 3T several years ago.

Jordan is known as a genial fellow who runs his establishment with equal measures of diplomacy and firmness. A fairly large broadsword is prominently mounted over the bar behind him where he pours the drinks.

Jordan is respected for his past exploits, and visits from the Lord Warden to the 3T are not uncommon, although they usally go into the “back room”. The 3T also gets visits from old “travelling companions” of Jordan, and he is a good source for information on developments “down south”. He speaks fluent dwarvish.

Jordan also is a volunteer officer with the Fallcrest Guard, and drills them on combat techniques and unit manoeuvres from time to time.

He has known a couple of the party members for a time and generally seeks to encourage adventurers as they start out. The 3T has a small “shop” out back, really just a smattering of supplies which Jordan will bring out if someone is interested in buying. Most of his stuff is well-worn and has been left in trade to settle bar bills.

Jordan Donneybrook

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