Peridin Drysdale

Lord of Restwell Keep


Lord Drysdale recently took command of Restwell Keep.
Drysdale is a nearly 50-year-old human paladin of Erathis. His iron gray hair and tanned, weathered skin point to many long years spent wandering the wilds in search of evil foes to defeat. In his old age, Drysdale has decided to settle down while continuing to do what good he can. He sees the keep as a seed that, with the right attention, can bloom into a gleaming bastion of civilization. He dreams of amassing enough warriors to draw settlers and merchants to the region.

In time, he hopes to defeat the evil of the Chaos Scar and turn the entire region into a civilized realm.

Not long ago, the Keep was a freewheeling place with lax law enforcement. More than a few residents, accustomed to the old regime, resent the paladin’s uncompromising push toward order and morality.

Peridin Drysdale

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