2-7 Cold Finish
  • Drawoc: 995 xp, 1 Action Point, 1 Failed Deathsave
  • Etcetarian: 802 xp, 0 Action Points
  • Hael: 1000 xp, 0 Action Point
  • Mycandrin: 889 xp, 1 Action Point, 1 Failed Deathsave
  • Rondo the Magnificent: 980 xp, 1 Action Point

You are in a large hall. Contents of the room include:

(in the cage)
  • 1 level 4 Weapon (Hael won the die roll)
  • 1 Level 3 magic item (neck slot – Rondo won the roll)
  • 1 green gem in the shape of a skull with a couple of runes on it
  • 1 unconcious copper dragon wyrmling in the corner by the card table
2-6 Strong Fire

110 of the easiest xp I ever gave out for an Encounter.

  • Drawoc: 860 xp, 2 Action Points
  • Etcetarian: 662 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Hael: 865 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Mycandrin: 754 xp, 2 Action Points
  • Rondo the Magnificent: 835 xp, Deathshroud Cleared, 2 Action Points

Role-playing bonus to Etce: +5.


Upon reaching the upper ledge, you notice flickering orange light coming from a carved archway to the east. Fires must illuminate the room there. You also hear squeaking voices chattering beyond the doorway.

2-5 The Foul Flow

125 xp for the Encounter.

  • Drawoc: 750 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Etcetarian: 552 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Hael: 750 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Mycandrin: 644 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Rondo the Magnificent: 725 xp, Deathshroud-1, 1 Action Point

Hael receives the roleplaying bonus: 5 xp, Total now: 755

Party finds:

- A minotaur-sized suit of Agile Armour +1

- some shiny jewelry worth 70gp

Party also jury rigs: 3 pots of ooze orb

1-4 King's Well Hideout

Turned out to be a bit of a dry hole, but you now feel quite confident you know where Ronnik is hiding.

This Encounter: 106 xp

Party gets an EXTENDED REST. Reset all Hitpoints, Surges, and Daily Powers (not including Daily Powers on items). Set Action Points = 1

  • Drawoc: 625 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Etcetarian: 427 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Hael: 625 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Mycandrin: 519 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Rondo the Magnificent: 625 xp, Deathshroud-1, 1 Action Point
1-3 a What was in the Lockbox

One red garnet (value 100 gp)

200 silver pieces

The third item is a sword with eladrin runes along the hilt and blade. Hey, Mycandrin, do you recognize this?, asks Etcetarian.

I dunno, let me see, replies the swordmage, extending his hand. Almost instantly, the sword leaps across the gap of it own will, landing with a thunk in the eladrin’s outstretched hand. Mycandrin laughs. Well, that sort of answers that question. It’s a Farbond Spellblade, and a beauty.

1-3a What was on the Desk

Although you didn’t have time to be careful with the papers, and a number are singed by the heat of the fires, the flames didn’t reach the deask so they are all intact. Most are routine banking documents, but there is one document that stands out: a map which shows the Keep’s environs. Most notably, there is an area along the King’s Wall which has been designated Well Hideout in a distinctive script. If you’re going to bring Ronnik to ground, that looks like the place. He can’t be more than 10 or 15 minutes ahead of you.

Chapter 1, Episode 3
Pressure Cooker

As the smoke and steam billow about, you hear the Town Guards approaching and setting up a bucket brigade. Time to move quickly! You find an open and disheveled strongbox in the back room and whisk its contents into a bag, then as many papers on the desk as you have time for.

Total XP for the Encounter: 120

  • Drawoc: 519 xp, 3 Deathstrikes (1 encounter completed), Deathshroud -1, 0 Action Point
  • Etcetarian: 321 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Hael: 519 xp, 0 Action Point
  • Mycandrin: 519 xp, 1 Deathstrike, 0 Action Point
  • Rondo the Magnificent: 519 xp, 1 Deathstrike, 0 Action Point

Party notoriety +1, Total now: +3

Party status upgraded to Haven’t I Seen Those Guys Before?


The rain has slackened only slightly and the early evening remains gray. Smoke rises from Ronnik’s bank on the other side of the plaza. Flickering flames are visible through gaps in the shutters, and you can hear sinister, crackling laughter.

Sal looks at the party anixously. Ronnik must have seen that his ambush failed and is trying to destroy evidence of his treachery. You must hurry! With that she darts into the shadows.

Roll for initiative.


Location: Fountain Square

A few patrons from the Stumbling Giant who had come out to enjoy the spectacle (“Fight! Fight!”) now head back in for further libations.

Notoriety in Restwell Keep: +1 Total now: +2

As Rondo comes to, tended by Mycandrin and Haelirin, he spots a human woman with blonde hair and grey eyes approaching through the shadows. She glances around and, satisfied that no-one is observing, quickly makes her way over to where the group is struggling to get a foggy Drawoc (-1 Deathshroud) to his feet.

She introduces herself as Sal. “Ronnik must be on to you. I’ve been keeping tabs on him. He went into his bank several hours ago, and I haven’t seen him leave. I suggest you wait for dark, then see if you can search his place.”

Drawoc gives his horns a shake, trying to clear the cobwebs. Do you guys smell smoke?

Come to mention it, yeah, you do.


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