Chapter 1, Episode 2 Ambushed in Fountain Square
  • Drawoc: 399 xp, 3 Deathstrikes, 0 Action Point
  • Etcetarian: 201 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Hael: 399 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Mycandrin: 399 xp, 1 Deathstrike, 1 Action Point
  • Rondo the Magnificent: 399 xp, 1 Deathstrike, 1 Action Point

Party can now take a Brief Rest (“Take 5”)

Players may spend as many surges as they wish, assuming they have them left.

TWO of those surges (Rondo’s choice, including his own) can benefit from his Healing Word (+d6).

Chapter 1-1f: The Eavesdropper

Location: Stumbling Giant Tavern

Rondo whispers to the group, Does anyone know that halfling sitting near the front foor, the one with the long braided hair and the nice leather armor? He seems to be interested in our little get-together here.

Hael turns almost imperceptibly, then excuses himself and begans to move towards the bar. The halfling seems to realize he’s been made, and quickly zips out the exit.


Location: Stumbling Giant tavern, Restwell Keep

Some time later, Benwick enters the tavern. He calls out to Mother Aran, then brings a tray of ale to the table. Squeezing his ample frame into a chair, he grabs a tankard, salutes you, and drains it thirstily.

“Ahhhh. Truly you were sent from on high, friends. Gordi’s fever has broken and I am confident he will make a full recovery. Tomorrow, once this beastly weather passes, we can decide how to move against Ronnik.”

Rescue of Gordi = Completion of a Minor Quest. All characters +20 xp Totals now:
  • Rondo the Magnificent: 266 xp, 0 Action Points
  • Drawoc: 266 xp, 2 Deathstrikes, 1 Action Point
  • Etcetarian: 201 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Hael: 266 xp, 1 Action Point
  • Mycandrin: 266 xp, 1 Deathstrike, 1 Action Point

Benwick waves friendily to a half-elf priestess a few tables over. Then he turns back to you, and his voice drops to a whisper.

“I have secured the aid of a spy among Ronnik’s guards. Her name is Sal. She’s a human with blond hair and gray eyes. She’ll help us in what’s to come.”

Benwick then stands up to leave. “Enjoy tonight. I’ve paid for your rooms in the Travelers Inn. Rest well, and let us meet for breakfast at my apartment in the morning.”

Relations with Benwick: +2 Total now: +2.25


Location: The Stumbling Giant, Restwell Keep

Venn is greeted as you enter by jolly Mother Aran, the tavern proprietor.

“Could we have a booth in the back and an early dinner, Mother?”, he asks.

“But of course!”, comes her hearty response.

Over the next couple of hours, you enjoy a fine meal as the tavern slowly fills to boisterous capacity.

Relations with Mother Aran: +1 Now: +1

Notoriety in Restwell Keep: +0.25 Total now: +1


You knock on the door at Benwick’s apartment in Fountain Square. Venn answers with a smile, but with one look at your condition and that of your charge, his expression changes. He quickly ushers you in. Benwick arrives moments later, his face full of concern. He asks you to carry Gordi up and lay him near the fire, then disappears into a side room and return with some herbal concoctions and a poultice. After administering these to Gordi, the man seems to settle into a slumber, and Benwick looks up.

“There’s little more we can do for him now. Time will tell.”

“I am sorry friends, but under the circumstances, I’m afraid I cannot offer you a proper meal, and you look famished after the morning’s events. I will stay here and keep watch over Gordi. Venn, if you would be so kind, please escort our guests to the Stumbling Giant and see that they are taken care of there.” With that, Benwick turns back to his patient.

Hael regards Benwick’s face closely (insight check). The friar seems genuinely glad to have recovered Gordi.

1-1b Back to the Keep

At long last the Keep gate comes into sight. Gordi’s eyes flicker with recognition and he has a moment of lucidity. “Cover me up so people don’t know who I am,” he whispers. “Can’t let them see me, can’t let them know.”

You do your best to make that happen, but as you proceed through the gate and then to Benwick’s apartment, the guards and other citizens shoot you some quizzical looks. What are you doing arriving into town under thunderous skies and with an obviously sick man?

Notoriety in Restwell Keep: +0.25 Total now: +0.75

1-1a The Restwell Ambulance

Gordi is clearly getting worse. He claims Benwick can restore him to health if he returns to the keep quickly. And so you set out. Unfortunately, in Gordi’s condition, and it is difficult for him to travel at any speed.

As you head back toward Restwell Keep, the afternoon grows late. Rain now falls in heavy sheets, soaking you and Gordi. Over the course of the trip, your charge becomes sicker, babbling incoherenly between heaving coughs.

Chapter 1 Episode 1: Rescue Mission

Location: Prison Grotto

Search of the bodies reveals the following, added to the Party Treasury:

  • 30 gold pieces
  • 1 potion of healing
  • Around the neck of the Dragonborn, a silver necklace with a pendant bearing the symbol of Tiamat (value 50 gp)
Please keep track of:
  • What your present hit points are
  • How many surges you have remaining
  • If you have used your Action Point
  • If you have used your daily
  • If you have any accumulated Deathstrikes (failed Deathsaves)

All members of the party gain 131 xp, except Etceterian, who gains 181. There is a one-time 50 xp bonus which is given when characters perform a Moment of Greatness, essentially some spectacular or noteworthy action which stands out. Killing every single one of 7 creatures in an Encounter definitely qualifies.

Totals now:
  1. Rondo: 246 xp, 0 Action Points
  2. Drawoc: 246 xp, 2 Deathstrikes, 1 Action Point
  3. Etcetarian: 181 xp, 1 Action Point
  4. Hale: 246 xp, 1 Action Point
  5. Mycandrin: 246 xp, 1 Deathstrike, 1 Action Point

Gordi is obviously under the effects of some slow-acting poison, but he claims Benwick should be able to provide him an antidote if he returns to the Keep quickly. So the party makes for the Keep at best possible speed.

Chapter 1D: D is for Dawn


Gathering yourselves together you head out to the northwest at first light, drawing as little attention to your departure as you can. The sky is gloomy and overcast, as if the weather itself knows that dark times are coming.

Benwick’s map is not expertly drawn, but it suffices. As you move west, the ridges of the Chaos Scar loom in the distance through the mist.

You come to a cave surrounded by a bog. Through the mist rolling off the bog’s surface you can see wisps of smoke trailing from the entrance of the cave.

Chapter 1C: First Night in Restwell Keep

The group finds a room at the seamy Travelers Inn on Fountain Square.

Nerrin Silverhand, the proprietor, is a gruff type who looks you up and down and offers you a room for 2 gold pieces, then reluctantly lets you barter him down to 1. Meals are not included. “Go to the Giant if you want summat to eat or drink. I run an Inn, not a tavern.”

The room is nothing special, to say the least, the blankets threadbare and the beds broken down and shoddy. The room gets quite chilly overnight, and you wish you had cloaks for comfort. But this is the lot of the adventurer to remote places, and it does have room for you all, barely. The Minotaur is forced to take the floor.

The party obtains an EXTENDED REST.

  • Reset all hit points and healing surges to maximum
  • Erase all failed deathsaves
  • Reset your daily powers and those of your items (if any)
  • Reset your Action Points to 1.

Party Treasury: -1 gold. Current Total: -1

Party standing with Nerrin: 0

Notoriety in Restwell Keep +0.25 Total now: +0.5


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