Prologue Chapter 0.2

Dateline: Hammerfast

Drawoc has enjoyed his time amongst the dwarves, but it is time to expand his horizons. His supervisor is sending a shipment to Fallcrest, so providing security is the perfect excuse to see a little more of the world.

The open air is full of smells and the bright sky makes him nervous at first. Get a hold of yourself. With a semi-audible invocation, Drawoc falls into step behind the horse-drawn cart. Two days march should clear his head.

Prologue: Chapter 0.1

Dateline: Fallcrest, a major settlement in the Nentir Vale.

As a central location, Fallcrest gets a fair amount of traffic.

Today, the citizens are chatting up the usual gossip: prices their goods are fetching south of the vale, trouble on the King’s Road on the way to Harkenwold, and rumours of a disturbance at the Temple of Zehir – if it even exists.

Some 70 miles to the southeast, 3 elves are packing their belongings, saying their goodbyes, and setting out for the settlement along the King’s Road. But no-one in Fallcrest knows that, and few would care even if they did know.

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