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  • Stumbling Giant (tavern)

    In contrast to the cheap, crude accommodations at the Travelers Inn, the Stumbling Giant is the social center of the outer bailey of [[Restwell Keep | Restwell Keep]]. Most folk of the outer bailey can be found here at least once a week, gathered over …

  • Travelers Inn

    This long, low structure has five small, private rooms for rent and a large common room that can fit up to a dozen guests. A private room sleeps four and costs 1 gp per night, while a night in the common room costs 1 sp. [[:nerrin-silverhand | …

  • Fountain Square

    A large fountain stands in the middle of this cobble­stone square in [[Restwell Keep | Restwell Keep]]. During holidays and at harvest time, farmers and tradesmen from throughout the region gather here to sell their wares. Merchants from distant lands …

  • Chapel of Avandra

    For many years, the chapel to [[Avandra | Avandra]] was the spiritual center of [[Restwell Keep | Restwell Keep]]. Before [[:peridin-drysdale | Lord Drysdale’s ]]arrival, and even before the Blades claimed this place, the folk of the keep paid respect to …

  • Restwell Loan Bank

    The loan bank is an important part of [[Restwell Keep | Restwell Keep’s ]]nascent economy. The banker, [[:ferdinand-ronnik | Ferdinand Ronnik]], is a retired human adventurer who decided to pursue his fortune by taking an economic, rather than physical, …

  • Kendon Longstrider

    60 year old Human Veteran Fighter Kendon is in charge of the barracks at [[Restwell Keep | Restwell Keep]], as well as the towers and gates of the outer bailey, most of which are manned by mercenary guards. Known associates: [[:benwick | Friar …

  • Peridin Drysdale

    Lord Drysdale recently took command of [[Restwell Keep | Restwell Keep]]. Drysdale is a nearly 50-year-old human paladin of [[Erathis | Erathis]]. His iron gray hair and tanned, weathered skin point to many long years spent wandering the wilds in search …

  • Venn

    A thin, balding, human friar, Venn is a pupil of Friar Benwick. He is also an accomplished cook.

  • Ferdinand Ronnik

    An atheltic human with close-cropped dark hair and a mustache. Ronnik is a bit of a clothes horse, he runs the bank in [[Restwell Keep | Restwell Keep]] and likes to dress the part. He is particularly fond of fine cloaks. He occasionally travels to [[ …

  • Benwick

    Teacher and master of [[:venn | Venn]], Benwick leads a small order in [[Restwell Keep | Restwell Keep]]. Benwick is a jolly Friar Tuck sort, fond of his victuals. Known associates: Chendera

  • Chendera

    This striking half-elf caretaker and priestess is a devotee of the luck goddess. She can often be found mingling with folks at The Stumbling Giant. Known associates: [[:benwick | Friar Benwick]] [[:kendon-longstrider-1 | Kendon Longstrider]]

  • Sal

    Human female, blond hair, grey eyes. Employed by [[:benwick | Benwick ]]to spy on [[:ferdinand-ronnik | Ronnik]].

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